Approach to putting kept simple....

Pre shot routine 

How many times have you played with good putters? The best putter generally wins, but as golfers we can easily complicate our approach to how we putt. I would like to help you simplify that approach. 

1. Design a simple pre-shot routine and I have a simple example to follow: 

      • Pick the line of the putt.  
      • Set up to the putt and make a couple of very good practice strokes (feel the type of putting stroke you would like to make to get the ball in the hole).
      • During the practice strokes; use your mind to picture the ball rolling along your intended line into the hole
      • Place the putter head behind the ball and aim the putter correctly to get the ball rolling along your intended line. 
      • Pull the trigger and feel the ball going into the hole. 
an excellent method to help with improving your aim, alignment and stroke
2. Work and develop a practice routine: 

      • You might need to get some help from your local PGA Golf Coach/Pro to come up with a putting style to suit you. 
      • Build a practice routine around that putting style; where you can practice a mix of technical drills for your putting stroke and improving your distance control for longer putts. 
      • Work on developing your stroke! It is an added bonus if you can make the putting green a few extra times a week to practice.


The best advise I can give to all the golfers I coach, is too keep the game as simple as you can at  all times. 
Keep going and feel free to contact me John Dooley Emailcontact us if you have any questions. 

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