Golf in the Rain!
Irish Golf Tours in the Rain... 

Are you travelling to Scotland or Ireland playing Golf this Spring, Summer or Autumn? Well I have 10 tips you should know about playing golf in the rain!

Always expect rain on an Irish & Scottish Golf Tour! I may remind you that it will most likely rain when you are in Scotland too...

  1. This goes without saying and a must... You need to have a full set of rain wear in your golf bag! That would be the rain jacket and a rain pants. I am not suggesting that every rain suit will keep you dry and warm but a rain suit will help to avoid getting wet and cold! Ensure that the rain suit you have or that you intend buying is made with Gortex or the equivalent to Gortex. 
  2. Please do not forget a pair of rain gloves and the hot hands tea bags. Keep a pack of the the hot hand tea bags in your bag for when your hands are wet and cold. In this situation warm pockets can be an awesome feeling!   
  3. A wind style umbrella with a double panel is important to have in your bag. So my tip here is if you are hiring caddies each day that you play. Using an umbrella is easy when a caddy is carrying your golf bag. However should you decide that you prefer to caddy your own bag. The activity of putting up and taking down the umbrella between shots is really tiring! 
  4. Bring a few resealable plastic bags. Place your phone, wallet and other personal technology into the bags to keep dry! 
  5. Please look at your local weather forecasts during your golf vacation. If the weather forecast is expected to wet, may I suggest to empting your golf bag of all the extra junk that you have in your bag. Make you golf bag lighter in lieu if the extra amount of water that might find its way into your golf bag. Or just buy a waterproof Sun Mountain golf bag.
  6. Pack cycling shorts and extra skins to wear underneath your rain suit. If you are expecting heavy rain, just wear these bare essentials underneath your rainwear and warm up after the round by taking a warm shower in the club house. 
  7. Do you need to wear your glasses playing golf? May I suggest to you to wear contact lenses. 
  8. Be happy its raining you, will play better golf than being upset about the weather.
  9. If your golf clubs and golf shoes are really wet after a round of golf? If you cant find a drying room at the golf course? Don't leave your clubs in the car overnight, as they won’t dry.. Take your golf clubs into your hotel room and dry what you can and stuff your golf shoes with the newspaper that you may have packed into your travel bag at the airport. 
  10. Always to pack your waterproof hat and warm gloves.
  11. Play shots from the rough like playing out of fairway bunkers. Set you body up as normal except a slightly less knee flex, aim the club head as normal and swing as normal. The purpose for less knee flex is so that the bottom of the swing is higher up and there is less chance of take too much grass. It is hard to swing the golf club through wet grass and therefore we are trying to catch the ball cleaner. A little thin strike is ok too.    
  12. Book a caddy! 

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