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Golf Blog post from Concierge Golf Ireland

Golf Blog post from Concierge Golf
John Dooley PGA Concierge Golf Ireland

Golf Blog posts from Concierge Golf Ireland

The following links are blogs posted on Concerige Golf Ireland's website. Concierge Golf Ireland is one of the leading Irish Golf Tour Operators. That offers the best customer services for managing golf holidays to Ireland, Scotland, England & Portugal. 

Blog Roll for November 

1. The following link is a blog post about planning Heli Golf Ireland or Helicopter Golf in Ireland.  
CLICK HERE to read more. 

2. Next up is a post about an Irish Golf Tour to the south west of Ireland. Playing a number of the top Irish golf Links courses for a golfer's budget of €2,000.00. CLICK HERE to read more. 

3. A post about an Irish caddy, that claims to be the best caddy in Ireland! Maybe he is, he certainly has the personality for it and quite a funny guy. Nice guy too! CLICK HERE to read more. 

Please feel free to contact us should you require a great golf vacation to Ireland, 2018. 

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Golf Club Performance, Ireland

Golf Club Performance, Ireland

How would you set a range of green fee rates that reflects fair value membership at your golf club?

This question is part of conversations that golf members talk about up and down the country. Truly, a large body of research on this particular subject would be of great value to this industry. However, to the best of knowledge, this research has not been undertaken and may I offer a suggestion to a golf club’s modus operands? For the purpose of this article, using a made up golf course called Lake Golf Club and Lake GC is owned by the club members.

Lake Golf Club

Like so many Irish golf courses the sources of revenue are green’s fees, membership subscriptions and what little profit is made from a bar and small menu and food service.
Part of the current management operational plan is to drop the entrance fee to lure new members and increase revenues. Subsequently, the club also offers 2 rounds for the price of 1round of golf and an open competition once a week.

The golf course is known in the locality to be a good test of golf and the course is kept in good condition. Not unlike a lot of golf courses in recent times, this course experienced a steady decline in revenues. The club believed that they also had to compete for the society golfer at discounted green fee rates to compete with other local clubs. In doing so, Lake GC’s green fee rates crumbled and the club membership are completely dissatisfied with the club offering cheaper greens fee rates. Which in turn during the clubs recent AGM, a group of member’s raises a range of concerns about the benefits and value of their golf membership.

Club Operations: 

Lake Golf Club operates to break even and if they make a profit that amount is parked into the rainy day fund. The club currently costs €750,000 a year to operate in full. Within that amount is simply the cost of operating the golf course, small clubhouse, administration, bar and restaurant staff.  
  • 600 members paying €900.00 a year membership revenue                 €540,000
  • All types of Green fees generated revenue                                        €105,000
  • Bar & catering generates revenue                                                     €85,000

Therefore currently Lake golf club is losing 20k. Taking this scenario into consideration, may I make a few points about Lake Golf Club?
The current subscription is €900.00 per member per year. Therefore, if a golf member at Lake GC plays golf once a week for 52 weeks and that amount of golf translates into a membership fee of €17.31 per week.

The value added to a golf membership can be identified by the varied green fee prices. May I suggest that a guest of a member pays 50% more than what the weekly member pays per round? Also, is it not unreasonable to say that a visitor should pay twice as much if not more than what a member pays weekly? Therefore, Lake GC should set its guest fees at €25.97 or €25.00. A full visitor fee rate could be charged at double that rate to a full green fee rate of €50.00.

The "What If"

What if the club did not offer discounted green fees or other such incentives to play? Offering golf customers “No discounts” may result losing custom from the price conscious golfer. The resulting benefit to the members is that the golf course is more likely to be in better condition from less play. However, the Lake Golf Club needs to generate a source of revenue to keep yearly subscription as low as possible for the club members. 

Let’s assume that Lake Golf Club management is now asking members to support their golf club by inviting seven paid guests to play in a calendar year. If the 600 members invited 7 guests at the rate of €25.00 will return €105k. Therefore, the club member and his/her guests may well become one of the main sources of revenue. Now the club can avoid competing with other golf clubs in the race to the revenue bottom competing for golfers at discounted golf rates, open days, charity days, society days & etc. Additionally, Should Lake Golf Club set a cap of 500 or 750 rounds at the premium rate at €50.00 per player. That amount of rounds returns an extra €25,000 to €37,500. 

Lake Golf Club can forgo spending valuable time developing sales leads for premium tee time sales. The club can now focus on enhancing the membership services for their golf members and guests. A happy club attracts new members to join with a loss less effort compared to a club full of moaning members. Sounds simple, however, a golf club should be able to measures the value of a golf club’s membership to it’s members. 

Final Thoughts: 

There are other ways to add revenue to a golf clubs bottom line and finding more revenue is not an easy task. However, my point is, the value of the greens fees should reflect a cost pattern to the yearly golf membership.

John Dooley PGA 
Golf Professional 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Play Golf Royal Troon Turnberry Muirfield and Carnoustie this September 2017

Play Golf Royal Troon Turnberry Muirfield and Carnoustie this September 2017
Golf Scotland St Andrews

Golf Scotland September 2017 

Cancelled Golf Trip now up for resale! 

The following web link at the end of this blog post is to a Scottish golf itinerary. Unfortunately, this Scottish golf trip is now up for resale due to a recent cancellation and this golf trip is scheduled for September 2017. 

This is a fantastic golf trip with the courses that are lined up. The main highlights of this itinerary are playing golf at Royal Troon Golf Club, Turnberry Alisa Course, Muirfield Golf Club, and Carnoustie. Other courses to play are two of the St Andrews courses, Prestwick Golf Club and others if required. 

Currently, the accommodation is booked for single rooms with breakfast daily. Notably, Hotel du Vin in the town of St Andrews and the Old Loans Inn in the Troon area. 

There is a car with a chauffeur for the group also. The transport will pick you up at the airport and drive you from hotel to golf course and back daily. Also, we can arrange sight seeing things to do if required. 

View an itinerary for sale to play golf at Royal Troon Turnberry Carnoustie Muirfield this September 2017

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us right away. 

Contact us:

Tel: +353212427913
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My experience in Cork City, by Niame 21 from France

My experience in CORK City

(This was a blog post was written by Niame from France about a day she spent in Cork City during her work experience with Concierge Golf Golf Ireland) 
This is the story of a new experience in a small Irish Atlantic city called Cork. Let’s go for my adventure!

The list of places I have visited

Lunch at Ramen in Douglas
This is an Asian street food restaurant. The restaurant offers really fresh ingredients to the dishes it serves. It is a casual takeaway style restaurant more than a sit down formal dinner setting. However, there are cool tables and benches to sit and enjoy your meal! I enjoyed a prawn masala and there was a cone of ice cream for dessert! Yes, I think people would enjoy Raman.

Lewis Glucksman Gallery

This is a small Gallery in the University College Cork (UCC). I did not like this gallery as I did not find what I saw very interesting. However, there are beautiful gardens in the University. UCC is open and very accessible for everyone to visit.

 Cork public museum

I did find this tour very interesting and I liked it. It was a quick tour, but there are nice things to see. After spending some time in Cork, I can understand that there is a lot more to learn about the story of Cork City. This visit took me about 30mins to view the museum. It was a nice morning for me and the weather was very good too! Love Cork!

Butter museum in cork

Butter Museum

I found this museum very interesting, thank you to the gentleman who was very funny and animated. Moreover, my friend and I were able to participate in the manufacturing process for butter. But we found the gentleman difficult to understand, however, we tried to translation in French to better understand. Notably, there was nothing much to see at the Butter Museum as it is a very small site.

Crawford gallery art

I spent a morning at the Crawford Gallery Art and it is accessible to everyone. I loved their coffee, but the gallery is not for me as I not into paintings and sculptures.
Nevertheless, for the fanatic of the art, there are very beautiful painting, it is a lovely gallery.

Cork city goal                                                                   

 very realistic old-fashioned decoration prison. The guide booklet was very helpful as it was translated into French! But, the book contained 24 prisoners stories and guided us around the prison. I enjoyed the detail each story is well detailed.
Gradually, during our visit, we saw different torture methods that gave us goose bumps because we could really see the suffering of the prisoners.
In addition, the reconstructions are very impressive. There are prison rooms where you can experience the prison living conditions! Certainly not for me!.
It was a beautiful historical prison and I very liked this site a lot.

The end of a beautiful experience
Cork City

 Lot’s of stuff to do and spending the day in Cork was full of discovery. My friends and I had had a great time in Cork City.

In fact, it is a small city but there is quite a lot to see and discover. I do not regret this adventure to Ireland because it has allowed me to learn more about Cork and Ireland. Lovely times and I will be 

Concierge Golf Ireland: 
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