Valspar Championship 2019 Information

The Valspar PGA Championship 2019
Copperhead Golf Course at the Snake Pit

The Valspar PGA Championship 2019

The Valspar champion will be played on Copperhead Golf Course at Innisbrook Golf Resort near Tampa, Florida.

I created a number of articles of interest for golfers and spectators that would like to attend the event. May I say that the event was great over the last number of years that I have attended the Valspar. Mainly, it's easy to walk around the course and follow your favourite player. That was the case until Tiger Woods played in 2018. Indeed, the spectators that follow tiger are relentless and it did not matter how good or bads he played. Essentially, the crowd loved Tiger!

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The tournament will be played from the 21st of March to the 24th of March. I forecast nice weather in Florida and a super tournament to watch. I will be on site during the event to meet with golfers that would like to chat about golf in Ireland or Scotland in 2020. If you are attending the event, please feel free to contact me, by completing the following contact us form. PLEASE CLICK HERE to complete.

All the best and I look forward to the Valspar PGA Championship 2019 at Innisbrook.

The Valspar PGA Championship 2019
The Valspar PGA Championship 2019


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