Accessories for Golfing in the Rain
Prepare for the Rain! Portmarnock Golf Club

This is a list of useful golf accessories for playing golf in the rain. You might consider packing some of the following items for your upcoming Irish or Scottish Golf vacation.

A full rain suit: (Pants & Jacket)
A rain suit lined with Gortex tends to be my suggested number one rain suit to keep you dry on a wet day. If you do not have a rain suit, I would suggest top check with your local golf shop to find out what are the latest and greatest rain suit brands available. I am a Galvin green fan as the suit keeps me dry for the most part and the Galvin green brand fits my body better than other brands. There are a lot of rainwear brands available to you such as; Footjoy, Under Amour, Ping, Cross, Adidas, Zero Restriction, Kjus & etc.

Types of Rain Hats:
At the various golf shops that you visit, you can find Gortex baseball hats, Gortex merino wool hats or Gortex bucket hats. I find that the Gortex bucket hat is the best for keeping your head and neck dry, but the hat flaps a lot in the wind. Therefore I’d suggest buying the Kama branded wool Gortex hat and they offer both peaked and standard wool Gortex hats. This hat can cover your ears and this hat style performs great during the hard wind and rain.

Rain Gloves:
Don’t leave home without them or if you do, you can buy a pair of rain gloves just about anywhere. However, there are cold gear gloves also, that type of glove may not perform as good as the rain gloves during the rain.  

Rain Hoods for the head.
These are perfect for the cold and wet days. It’s light weight product and easy to fit into your golf bag. Under armour offers this type of product.

Waterproof golf bags:
Callaway, Nike, Sun Mountain, Titleist and etc.; these brands offer a mixed range of stand and cart bags that should keep everything dry and sheltered in any conditions. Also to be extra safe as sometimes rain water has a habit of getting all your items wet! You might consider keeping a few of the plastic pocket size zip seal bags in your golf bag. If you play a lot of golf in Ireland and Scotland, it is worth investing in a waterproof golf bag for your golf vacations.

Long peaked baseball hats:
This style of golf hat is good or better than other hats to keep the rain off your glasses in the event of losing or running out of contact lenses.
Rain clouds at Tralee Golf Club 

Wind Umbrellas:
Ensure that the umbrella is comfortable to hold, the umbrella has a double canopy with double velcro closure straps. Ensure the umbrella feels a lighter weight than an ordinary umbrella. Check if the umbrella is lightning resistance?! However, I don’t expect anyone to be playing golf in a thunderstorm to test that feature.

Golf Bags covers:
The golf bag rain cover is ideal to keep your cart bag and clubs dry when the rain is pouring sideways. Ensure you try the size before you buy as some golf bag rain gloves are smaller than other brands. Ensure that the rain cover is elasticated edges for a snug fit, strong strap with some types of buckles that can be attached to your bag and that you have easy access to your clubs.

Body Warmers: 
Check out a range of garments that can be worn underneath your rain jacket. Nike makes an undershirt garment with sweat-wicking fabric in a long-sleeve cut that hugs the body. This is called the Nike Pro Combat Core Men's Top, this would be an ideal garment to wear for those wet and cool days on the Links. 

This is a list of a number of items that you should remember to pick up before you leave on a golf vacation to Ireland or Scotland. You can always buy this stuff if you forget!

Enjoy your Irish or Scottish Vacations for 2016 and 2017.
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