Benefits for Irish Car Rentals

Irish Rental versus Irish Chauffeur Drive

In this article about Benefits for Irish Car Rentals. I have outlined some benefits and drawbacks of hiring a car rental comparing to travelling on a luxury bus. It's essential to identify that hiring a rental car is economical compared to a luxury bus. However, my points are mainly about the functionality of both renting and chauffering when considering transport options for your upcoming golfing in Ireland tour.
Benefits for Irish Car Rentals

Benefits for Irish Car Rentals

  • Based on the golf course locations and with the help of google maps! Golfers can drive wherever, whenever and they are in control of their Irish Golf Tour routing.
  • Rentals are ideal for playing golf with longer stretches and narrow roads where buses can take a long time to get around. Such examples you can find in Ireland along the North, Northwest and West of Ireland. Such as golfing in Donegal. Click HERE to see a list of courses in Donegal.
  • Saving money tip; a car rental will save money when all the groups need to do are short transport trips to and from the golf courses. Additionally, St Andrews and Troon are two good examples where there are many golf courses right next to a variety of hotels.
  • Also, car rentals are a lot more comfortable, and there is less of a time waiting to leave in areas that taxis are not plentiful. Also, taxis may not have enough room to transport golfers and their luggage.
  • If golfers have the extra time, they can stop along specific routes, take detours to sights to see and take in local activities.
  • There are EU laws that protect coach drivers from driving for long periods of time on any given day. Driver's time can be a problem for golfers playing 36 holes or more daily. However, the driver's time can be appropriately managed and avoiding significant clashes.
  • Car rentals are more cost effective for groups of two to four persons than a chauffeured driven car.

The drawback to Renting Cars;

After a long flight to Ireland, dealing with car rental agreements can be stressful. People sign the documents, agree with whatever is put in front of them so they can leave the car rental company as fast as possible. Therefore, the agreement is not understood correctly, and problems may arise if the car is damaged during the rental period.
  • Your credit card provider may offer total and full insurance cover for rental car purchases, however, Ireland and Jamaica may not be included. Please check what type of international car hire insurance you have before starting your travels.
  • Notably, some insurers do not cover the rental car excesses. The terms "excess" (click and read more). However, you can buy excess insurance from approved insurance providers such as Care Hire Excess or Blue Insurance. Should you buy this car excess insurance, please understand the claim process and what information you need to make a claim.
  • Driving on the opposite side of the road and using roundabouts correctly can be tricky for drivers that operate on the right side of the road.
  • Rental car companies offer manual car rentals at a cheaper rate than an automatic car rental. However, if you are not used to driving a manual car. Please, stick with the automatic car selection!
  • The worst situation is returning a damaged car. Dealing with a damaged car is exceptionally stressful if you did not take out full insurance. All damages required to be settled before leaving the country.
  • Also, if the current driver is not a good driver!! He or she can cause a lot of group stress, and it is essential that the rental car driver is skilled.
  • You may travel along Irish Roads can be quite narrow and in poor condition where Irish golf links courses are located.

Benefits to the Chauffeur Driven Luxury Coach

There is a lot of benefits to sitting back, relaxing and letting the coach driver take you from the golf courses to the hotels daily. There will be fixed times for the group to meet and travel to the golf courses daily. You can enjoy the views of the Irish or Scottish countryside from the comfort of the luxury coach.

In the coach, the group travels together, and with all the group on the bus after golf, it is easy to share stories about the round just played. Also, golfers may play games to past the time away, such as play cards, settle the daily bets and note the updated information for the following day. Or enjoy a couple of beer and a well-deserved sleep!
Making the right decision:

Typically, most coach drivers have an indebt knowledge and experience about the surrounding areas. Notably, they would be able to identify the best restaurants to eat, fun things to do and sight to see. Good knowledge will help the group make better and informed decisions on dining, things to do and should unforeseen issues arise.
Downsides to the Chauffeur, Luxury Coach

By EU law there is a set rest period for when can operate the coach from day to day. Driver's time is problematic for golfers that would like to play 36 holes or because of a particular late afternoon tee time followed by an early morning tee time with an early start for the group. Mainly the coach driver must take at least eleven hours rest period before he/she starts the coach the next day. However, the group can always hire a second driver at extra cost.

The bus will take more time to get around the narrow Irish and Scottish roads. Some people can't travel facing the back of the bus! Also, it's not easy to use the bathroom during bus travel due to the narrow, bumpy roads.

If one golfer is late getting to the bus, everyone else will be late getting to the golf course.
Dooley Noted on Car Rental verses Chauffeur Driven Luxury Coach

I suggest rental cars for the golfing warriors playing 36 holes daily. Also, rental cars are suitable for groups of golfers that like to tour around at their own pace. A great example of golf and touring using rental vehicles for transport. Is playing golf and touring around Co. Donegal, West Cork or the Scottish Highlands.

The bus is better suited for groups for six golfers and more. Mainly, everyone travels together, and you are on holiday, why bother with the stress of driving! Notably, the group can enjoy a pint after a round of golf and not worry about "the drive? Which is a big no-no?

Car Rental verses Chauffeur Driven Luxury Coach is entirely your choice. Please talk with your golf tour operator to decide what is best for you and your group. Also, stay clear of car rentals if you are unsure or concerned about driving in Ireland or Scotland. It can be hard to decide which one to pick, Car Rental verses Chauffeur Driven Luxury Coach and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, 
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