Another tip for your upcoming trip to Ireland..... Don’t forget to PACK your rain gear!!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget to PACK your rain gear!!!!!!!!!

Nice rain suit

For anyone travelling to Ireland this year to play golf, please ensure to pack the following rain related items:

    • Rain Gloves
    •  Medium to small size golf towels – golf towels that get wet will certainly make the golf bag heaver!
    • A Gortex rain suit – that is a rain jacket and rain trousers. I personally recommend Zero restriction, Galvin Green and I do like the feel of the Swedish brand, Cross Golf .
    • A Gortex sleeveless top; this type is very helpful for the showers that last a few minutes and then sunshine! So you’re not putting on and off a jacket.
    • Extra socks!
    • Take all the non-essential junk out of your golf bag and make the bag lighter. A lighter bag is easier to manage in the wind and rain.
    • A pack of hand warmers.
    • A waterproof rain hat & a couple of warm under shirts or skins as they can be called. 
    • A couple of reseal able plastic bags for your watch and phone! If they get wet, they may not work!
    • A prayer book to read; so it won’t rain for your upcoming trip!
    • Use an umbrella if you have a caddy otherwise putting up and down an umbrella between shots and walking with it during the wind and rain, is a lot of really hard work. I recommend not using an umbrella at all and just get wet. It is fine and trust me, after almost 10 years getting wet on a regular bases during my time at Doonbeg, I can certainly say with my hand on heart, “an umbrella is a waste of time and energy”.

To summaries all these tips will save you a few bucks. Also, they will spend less energy on the golf course when you are battling the wind and rain or hail!

Enjoy and welcome to Ireland!!

John Dooley PGA Concierge Golf



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