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Do you know of any golf courses that have undertaken a specific caddy survey of their golfing customers to identify their attitudes to maximising their on course enjoyment and scoring?

I would suggest developing a nine or ten questions survey in less than five minutes after a round or golf would be a good start. The main point would be to identify whether the golfer or golfers that played with a caddy or not, what is their perceived affect the caddy would have on the golfer's score and a little more!

The country of origin is important for segmenting that informaiton, so there only ask the questions if you are not sure if that golfer is from the USA or Canada. The survey would be targeting visitors to the golf club and not existing golf club members.

This is a quick example of the what you could ask?

  1. What county are you from? 
  2. Is this your first time playing the course? 
  3. If no, how many other times have you played?  
  4. Did you hire a caddy today? 
This questionnaire would divert to deal with the yes or no answer to question 4. 
  • If yes how many shots do you think the caddy saved you? 
  • Did you enjoy his/her's company?
  • Do you hire caddies often more that 5 times a year? 
  • Did the caddy enlighten you with funny stories?
  • Did you complete the caddy evaluation form?  
  • Did you like the courses and would you come back to play another round again? 
  1. If no, Did you find the course layout easy to walk around?
  2. Did you buy a yardage book? 
  3. Do you have a yardage measuring devise?
  4. If you hired a caddy, would you guess how many shots do you think you would have saved?
  5. Did you like the course? And would you come back to play another round again? 

Once the 5 minute interview is finished, I would suggest that the club would buy that group or person a round drinks in the bar.

Ask the person is they would like to see the results of the survey and if yes ask for permission to send the results to their email address. The survey could be delivered by a person and or by giving feedback information cards with bar menus and etc.  

The informaiton that would be generated from a sample of 5,000 golfers would be fantastic for a golf club to market their caddy services. Collecting information and arranging this survey would be not be the easiest of tasks to do, however golf courses based in Ireland and Scotland that have a lot of international golf visitors would benefit from undertaking such a survey,

The purpose of this survey is understanding more about the customers in less than five minutes. The caddy spends approx. 4 to 5 hours with the golfers and golf courses that have caddy programs should have systems to measure caddy performance and the overall view of the customer's attitudes to hiring a caddy.

However, enjoying golf in Ireland and Scotland for the rest of 2016 and 2017. But hire a caddy and give yourself every chance to lower your score.

John Dooley PGA
Concierge Golf Ireland


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