Concierge’s golf guide playing The European Club
The European Club, 18th Hole
Concierge’s golf guide to playing golf at The European Club.

I have Dooley Noted the following thoughts on how I play golf at the European Club. The European Club is a hard golf course to play. Please note that;

  • The bunkers are deep with thick wooden railway sleepers are planted into the faces of most bunkers. My main tip is avoiding the bunkers as much as possible. 
  • In general, the greens slope a lot for a golf links course and I would suggest looking at both sides of the hole before identifying the line of the put. But play quickly and avoid slow play when doing so. 
  • Play to the fat parts of the fairways and avoid trying to hit the ball too far off the tee. Most holes are not straight away golf tee shots and around the midsections of most of the golf holes, the fairways will become tighter with more places to lose your golf ball. 
Measurements in Yards from the Medal White Tee boxes

1st Hole par 4, 363 yards
Hit a 200 – 240 yard shot to the right of the fairway is a good line off the tee and that should keep you out of the major trouble and set you up for attacking the flag.

2nd Hole par 3, 148 yards 
If possible keep your tee shot ball below the hole.

3rd Hole par 5, 481 yards
Similar to the first hole, play a 200-yard shot off the tee to the left side of the fairway to get a view of the hole. Play another 150 – 170 yard shot to leave you with a good chance to hit the green.

4th Hole par 4, 426 yards
Ideal line off the tee is the right centre; this is a long hole so club up for the 2nd shot as the green is raised and deep.

5th Hole par 4, 398 yards
Left is not good and lets hit for the left centre of the fairway. If the pin is up front, play the shot to land the ball short and run that ball up onto the green.

6th Hole par 3, 177 yards
Right centre of the green is the best place to be, besides In the hole!

7th Hole par 4, 449 yards
My favourite hole on the course and this hole is ranked the hardest. The 7th is a long hole, you could play this hole as a par five depending what tee you have hit. Hit the ball to the left of the fairway, but keep the ball short of the junk on the left. There is nothing but lost balls that won’t be found should you hit the ball right off the tee.
The European Club 7th Hole 

8th Hole par 4, 402 yards
Off the tee, hit for the dunes to the right of the fairway is a good line off the tee and I would advise keeping the ball on the top tier. If you strike the ball too far it will only run into light rough. As we all know a shot is easier playing of the fairway for the centre of the green.

9th Hole par 4, 402 yards
Left centre of the fairway and unless you are into the wind, the driver is not the club to pick. Another 200 yards shot is required off the tee ad aim for the last fairway bunker that you can see on the right side of the hole.

10th Hole par 4, 397 yards
A left centre tee shot will give you the best line into the green that is shaped at an angle to the hole sloping from back to front. I would play for the centre of the green for my second shot.
The European Club 10th hole

11th Hole par 4, 379 yards
A must play 180 to 200-yard shot is required off the tee. The line is the right centre of the fairway and the next shot is targeting the centre of the green.

12th Hole par 4, 438 yards

This is a straight away hole and you should feel free to blast the driver straight down the middle of the fairway. If you are close why not go for the green in two. Dooley notes that the green is 100yards in length and a back right pin is a nasty pin placement. The green side bunkers are not that nice

13th Hole par 5, 503 yards
The line is the right centre and I like to lay up to 75 yards of the green as the pin placements on this green are tough to get close too. The green side bunkers are tricky.

14th Hole par 3, 165 yards
This is a short par 3 if possible keep your tee shot below the hole. 

15th Hole par 4, 379 yards 
This is second my favourite hole. I like trying to hit a drive along the right side of the fairway. Following that shot, I would recommend hitting the second shot for the centre of the green.

16th Hole par 4, 399 yards 
Avoid the big hump in the middle of the fairway and don’t be short and right of the green.

17th Hole, par 4, 389 yards 
A tee shot down the right centre is good, add an extra club to your second shot for the raised green. The green slopes a lot from back to front.
The European Club 17th Hole

18th Hole par 4, 425 yards 
Two of your Sunday best shots are needed here. A good strong tee shot up the middle followed by an equally good shot needed to hit the green in two. There is all sort of bad news for your golf ball should you miss the fairway and green.

Final Dooley Noted:
The European Club is not the easiest golf course to play. In fact, this course is quite difficult to play and score accordingly with your handicap. But this course is a serious challenge and its worth every shot. Should you play at The European Club, please enjoy and have fun golfing in Ireland this year or on your next Irish golf tour.

John Dooley

Concierge Golf Ireland


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