Top Irish Caddy and only at Adare..... Mr Ollie Ryan!
Ollie Ryan! 

How to rank a Top of the pops Irish caddy!

  • Knowledge of the course. They got to know their stuff! Ollie Dose! 
  • Measurement of distance. Each caddy has no excuse not to have an electronic device to measure distance accurately.  
  • You better believe it the Caddy is full of jokes and funny stories measured for the group. Do ask for what was their worst groups ever that they caddied for? 
  • The judgement of interaction with their clients is very important. Some jokes are not that funny and caddies should know there crowd after a hole or two. 
  • Friendliness. It adds so much enjoyment value to a round of golf playing and walking with a nice and friendly caddy.  
  • Fire their ass if there is not a damp towel for club cleaning, ball cleaning & first to the ball. (of course, I am saying this point in jest to fire their ass) 
  • Everyone needs a shot to play. Mr Caddy can outline the information for the shot to be played at hand. with the shot recommendations suited to the player is very important

If your Irish caddy ranks highly in all of these categories? Then you have met the right caddy for you! Above all else, don't believe everything you hear from Mr Caddy.
Ollie's on the Job!
Ollie and Tiger..

If you would like to ensure you have Ollie on your bag for your next golf holiday in Ireland,  Adare Resort please do not hesitate to Contact us:

John Dooley PGA
Concierge Golf Ireland
Office phone: +353212427913
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