5 Great Tips to Make an Average Golf Trip Really Special

Enjoying a great trip to Ireland... 

1. What is your occasion?

  • Special memorable golf trips 
  • Bucket list golf trip,
  • Father and sons or son, mother and daughters, family, friends, school reunions, 
  • Golf club golf trip, 
  • Company, 
  • The girls and boys golf trips. 

The size of the group is important...

Pick your type of trip and establish your reasons for travelling. Then start by identifying the courses you would like to play and don't forget to plan for extra fun activities around the golf courses you intend to play. For example, will you need extra activities for non-golfers that are travelling on the trip? If so, contact concierge golf and we can provide a full list of activities to do while the golfers are on the links.

2. Good Planning,

  • Plan Airline tickets
  • Indtinfy golf courses to play
  • Is there other things to do in the areas that you will be visiting? If yes, why not go and check these things out. 
  • Use google maps to estimate the travel times from your selected accommodation to the golf courses. 
  • The vehicle size is different from European Counties to USA and Canada. Standard cars will be tight on space and I always recommend to hire a larger vehicle that you may require. Luggage space can sometimes be very very important.
  • When you are creating your golf course route plan, allow plenty of travel time for the group to drive or be driven from your accommodation to the various golf courses. 
  • Pack a good wetsuit to plan for the weather. As we know the weather is impossible to predict which month will be the best month to play golf. However, May to October can be great! 
  • Don't forget to check for sporting and music events are happening during your trip. 

3. Golf Courses

  • List the courses to play 
  • Understand the Terms and Conditions along with the booking process for each course. 
  • You may need to consider booking 8 to 12 months in advance to secure the best tee times. 
  • I would recommend that you could plan on dining approximately 5 to 6.30 hours after your tee time. You might like to spend a bit more time in the 19th hole before rushing away! 
  • Pick earlier tee times were possible and avoid the midday rush. (Between 8am – 10am are typically the better times to play) 

4. The accommodation

The size of the group and the type of accommodation is very importation. Identify what are your requirements and check with Concierge Golf that all your needs can be enjoyed in Ireland. Country houses tend to offer a more personal service than hotels. Hotels are better to cater for larger groups.
  • You can choose from 5*, 4* to 3* hotels and their location impacts on price. 
  • 5* Castles to 
  • 5* Manor Houses 
  • The main key to selecting good accommodation is nothing more than friendly hospitality. I understand price is important too, however great services is a must. 

The range at Old Head Golf Links 

5. Dining

  • Where to dine? 
  • What type if Irish food would you like? 
  • Do you like surf or off the turf? 

There are great food options all over Ireland, Cork, Dublin, Kinsale, Adare, Co. Clare, Galway & a whole host of towns and villages. Fine dining, great casual dining, gastropubs, pub grub and if you are really stuck, the chipper!!!

If you have dietary requirements, contact Concierge Golf and we can locate the best options available to you during your trip.

CGI will only recommend the top restaurants that will suit your tastes in each of the towns and cities that you travel through.

In summary...

What makes a great trip special is great planning and good clear understanding. At CGI we ensure all your services booked are trebled checked months in advance of your departure. 

If you need any advice on how to ensure you don’t miss any of the finer points to making a great golf even better? Contact us today to start the conversation about your next golf trip to Ireland or Scotland...

John Dooley PGA, Concierge Golf,
 | Email: info@conciergegolfireland.com |Web: www.conciergegolfireland.com 

Waterville Golf Links, from the edge of the 17th hole looking across the bay... 

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