What to do after playing golf at Old Head Golf Links

Welcome to Kinsale 

After a round at Old Head and a couple of Pints it’s time to head into the town of Kinsale, known as the food capital of Ireland. As you can imagine; should you wish to become a true connoisseur of such facts, one would need time to visit each establishment and compile a detailed report on their night’s entertainment. Now that is a tall order! 

Thankfully Concierge Golf is on hand to help you with such decisions!
Concierge golf would like to make such matters of section easier and to the point. We only select the best pubs and restaurants to suit your tastes buds.


If you would like to visit Kinsale during a Concierge Golf trip, we would recommend the following finer dining restaurants.
  • ·         The Bulman
  • ·         Fishy Fishy
  • ·         Zuma
  • ·         Man Fridays
  • ·         The white lady pub grub

If you are after 18 holes at Old Head and require a “hunger buster” of a dinner. We would suggest a visit to the White Lady Pub in Kinsale or stop at the Speckled Door. The Speck is not more than 2 miles from the entrance gates of the Old Head Golf Links and there you will meet with the Old Head caddies after golf enjoying a few pints! The Silent Banjo in the middle of Kinsale is another pub worth a visit.

Desmond Castle, Kinsale

Historical sites Kinsale you might like to visit…

Charles Fort is a classic example of a late 17th century star-shaped fort. William Robinson, architect of the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, Dublin, and Superintendent of Fortifications, is credited with designing the fort. As one of the largest military installations in the country, Charles Fort has been associated with some of the most momentous events in Irish history. The most significant of these are the Williamite War 1689-91 and the Civil War 1922-23. Charles Fort was declared a National Monument in 1973. Across the estuary is James Fort designed by Paul Ive in 1602. This is located approximately 2km from the town.

Desmond Castle, Kinsale
Desmond Castle & the International Museum of Wine was built as an urban tower house by the Earl of Desmond c. 1500, Desmond Castle has served as Customs House, Prison, Ordnance store and a Workhouse. The Museum details the history of the Wine Geese; the intriguing story of Ireland’s wine links with Europe and the wider world. This is an essential half-hour all-weather activity. (Photo: John Collins.)
Desmond Castle was built in about 1500 by Maurice Bacach Fitzgerald, Earl of Desmond. It has had many uses. In 1600 and 1601 it was used as an arsenal by Don Juan Aguilla during the Spanish occupation of the town which lasted for 100 days prior to the Battle of Kinsale in 1601.
Kinsale was a designated Wine Port, and a supplier of ships for the Vintage Fleet as far back as 1412. In that year, the Vintage Fleet of some 160 vessels plying to and fro from Bordeaux included five Irish vessels, three of which were from Kinsale, and two from Dublin. More information on the wine trade can be found at www.winegeese.ie. Desmond Castle was also used as a customs house.
In the 17th century the castle became popularly known as the “French prison” and was used for prisoners of war, most of whom were captured at sea… There is more for you to discover…


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