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Challenge yourself to adopt a better practice method and tell me about your results in a couple of months

All too often at the range you see golfers going through the motions; hitting ball, after ball, after ball. STOP, JUST STOP!!!!! You can only improve if you are making mistakes and you will only make mistakes if you challenge yourself to make better swings, hit more solid golf shots, hit the ball closer to the hole & etc.

Here are some tips to help you improve your practice sessions:
Before practice set yourself two specific goals relating to what you want to get out of the session.
Hit shots on the range as you would hit them on the course:
  • Go through your pre shot routine – make one or two meaningful practice swings before you hit a shot (a meaning full practice swing is where you make a golf swing, as if it was the best swing you can make to hit the perfect shot).
  •    If you would like to add a feel and imagery component to your pre-shot-routine; you could try the following:
    •   As you make your meaningful practice swings; from your previous golf experiences, use your imagination to feel the club-face striking the ball as you would if you made a pure strike. Then add in that imagery of the ball flying to the target.  So you thoughts are of a great strike and crystal clear ball flight to your intended target.

v b)        pick a different target each time (100 yard shots & 75 yard shots)

v c)       change clubs (100 yard club then 75 yard club)

v d)       Set yourself little competitions i.e. hit 30 shots at a number of targets and to score, you must be within 15 yards distance of the target that you are aiming at.

v e)      Once you have finished the session review your goals, and rank how much effort you have put into the session out of 100%

Following these steps will improve your golf faster than just hitting ball, after ball, after ball.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. John Dooley PGA Golf Pro  tel: +353214823791 or john@conciergegolf.ie  


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