A couple of easy golf tips to start off the season

Andrew working on his aim and alignment

Good afternoon,

I was going to start by talking about the dry weather we have had for a number of days, but that is certainly gone out the window! However I would like to mention a couple of tips to help you start your golf season. These easy tips can make a difference to your game and your scores:

Work on your aim/alignment and ensure the club head and body is aiming correctly at the intended target. Hank Haney youtube aim tip
a.      Over the winter and typically when golfers have not played in a while, it is very easy for golfers to get into bad habits. Which means; you can start to aim the club and realign your body incorrectly and therefore you can add more spin to the ball flight, that you certainly do not need. So, with a little work on the range can help get your aim and alignment to get back on track.
Pre-shot routine kept simple.
a.      Before you hit your tee shots, second shots and so on; make a qualified practice swing. A qualified practice swing needs to be as good a swing as you can possibly make. It is easy and you can do it. 
                                                              i.      Go to a position a few feet away from where the ball in play is located and make sure you won’t hit the ball by a mistake.
                                                            ii.      Build your stance, set up & etc.
                                                          iii.      Make a really good practice swing (just as if you were hitting the best shot you can hit) & and during that swing; try using your mind to picture/imagine the ball travelling in the air to your intended target. You may even add the ball bouncing and rolling to a stop next to your target.
Try it!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. 

All the best and keep going,

John Dooley PGA


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