Improve your Golf Club's image and build lasting friendships with your visitors that will benefit your Golf Club in the long run.

This following action, is simply to build friendships and make a stronger connection between your golf club and it's visitors; I have one example of a nice and easy method that can significantly help this process. 


Every week, identify the visitors to your club from the time sheet. If they are playing in a one ball, two or three balls; from a selected group of members, please invite the selected members to play with the visitors and the message is "just have fun!".   

The benefits:

As a golf club manager you should understand the following: 

Your club members are the first group of people that will endorse the golf course and club house facilities.

The club members can offer their personal advice on where to go and thing to do locally. (Good for tourism).

The club members can forge a solid relationship that is not directly trying to sell that visitor anything except an enjoyable round of golf.

The club members add so much more to the visitor’s golf and cultural experiences.

It makes good sense to believe the visitors can leave the club with a really good positive vibe and therefore will speak very positively about the club to their friends and colleagues.  

The visitors may even come back to the club with larger groups of golfers and they all can further enjoy the club’s hospitality.

John Dooley PGA
Concierge Golf


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