My experience in Cork City, by Niame 21 from France

My experience in CORK City

(This was a blog post was written by Niame from France about a day she spent in Cork City during her work experience with Concierge Golf Golf Ireland) 
This is the story of a new experience in a small Irish Atlantic city called Cork. Let’s go for my adventure!

The list of places I have visited

Lunch at Ramen in Douglas
This is an Asian street food restaurant. The restaurant offers really fresh ingredients to the dishes it serves. It is a casual takeaway style restaurant more than a sit down formal dinner setting. However, there are cool tables and benches to sit and enjoy your meal! I enjoyed a prawn masala and there was a cone of ice cream for dessert! Yes, I think people would enjoy Raman.

Lewis Glucksman Gallery

This is a small Gallery in the University College Cork (UCC). I did not like this gallery as I did not find what I saw very interesting. However, there are beautiful gardens in the University. UCC is open and very accessible for everyone to visit.

 Cork public museum

I did find this tour very interesting and I liked it. It was a quick tour, but there are nice things to see. After spending some time in Cork, I can understand that there is a lot more to learn about the story of Cork City. This visit took me about 30mins to view the museum. It was a nice morning for me and the weather was very good too! Love Cork!

Butter museum in cork

Butter Museum

I found this museum very interesting, thank you to the gentleman who was very funny and animated. Moreover, my friend and I were able to participate in the manufacturing process for butter. But we found the gentleman difficult to understand, however, we tried to translation in French to better understand. Notably, there was nothing much to see at the Butter Museum as it is a very small site.

Crawford gallery art

I spent a morning at the Crawford Gallery Art and it is accessible to everyone. I loved their coffee, but the gallery is not for me as I not into paintings and sculptures.
Nevertheless, for the fanatic of the art, there are very beautiful painting, it is a lovely gallery.

Cork city goal                                                                   

 very realistic old-fashioned decoration prison. The guide booklet was very helpful as it was translated into French! But, the book contained 24 prisoners stories and guided us around the prison. I enjoyed the detail each story is well detailed.
Gradually, during our visit, we saw different torture methods that gave us goose bumps because we could really see the suffering of the prisoners.
In addition, the reconstructions are very impressive. There are prison rooms where you can experience the prison living conditions! Certainly not for me!.
It was a beautiful historical prison and I very liked this site a lot.

The end of a beautiful experience
Cork City

 Lot’s of stuff to do and spending the day in Cork was full of discovery. My friends and I had had a great time in Cork City.

In fact, it is a small city but there is quite a lot to see and discover. I do not regret this adventure to Ireland because it has allowed me to learn more about Cork and Ireland. Lovely times and I will be 

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