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Tiger Woods is back! 

Tiger Woods is back playing this week and rumor has it that he will be playing a Bridgestone ball! I am looking forward to his return and I would love to see Tiger back on top again, but who knows.
Shane Lowery talks about how golf should be played. For golf purists, the ideal way to play golf is playing a whole host of different shots rather than 350 yards down the middle of a soft fairway. Yes, Shane Lowery is right on the money and golf is a game that is not perfect, but, good players should be able by bouncing a ball on a penny from 97 yards to 220 yards, hitting high and low shots, affecting the ball spin to suit your shot, hole putts from any point on the green & etc. That playing the hole in front of you is how the best players should win at the highest levels of the game,

Such is golf, subjective and full of personal opinions. But, golf is a great game that provides many different meaning  and challenges to golfers. What is the meaning of golf to you?
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