Brexit and the immediate impact on Golf traveller to Ireland?
St Andrews, Scotland

What do we know about Brexit and the impact on golf travel to Ireland and the UK?

1. Stronger Dollar

Right now, it is golf and travel as usual, however in recent days the pound has lost nearly 9 percent value against the US Dollar. Financial markets have been rocked and uncertainty looms. For the American golf travellers this means your USDs will buy more for less on greens fees, caddy fees, pints of local brew, fish n chips and golf club merchandise.

2. Perhaps British Golfers will not travel to the USA?

The foreign exchange rates work for and against; for golfers based in Euro and Pounds Sterling, the allure of travelling across the big pond to play golf areas in Hilton Head, Florida, Myrtle Beach, Phoenix Pinehurst may well be postponed for a while to come.

3. For the 36-Holes a Day golfer, any changes to crossing from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland?

At the moment, there is no changes to movement from Southern Ireland to Northern Ireland. It is still possible to play 36 holes where you could play either of the Portmarnock Golf Courses, The Island Club, Royal Dublin Golf, The K-Club, Carton House and County Louth Golf Club and then play Royal County Down that afternoon, or vice versa.

4. In summary and my thoughts;

There are so many more questions than answers about what is going to happen with Brexit. I am sure a lot of the golf companies that are based in the UK for European retail distribution are watching the developments closely. I say to those companies come to Ireland and set up!

There maybe some interesting changes in the ownership of golf courses and golf resorts in Great Britain and Ireland. Will team Europe Ryder Cup be affected? Probably not in the short term as we could identify with the strong Ryder Cup traditions between both US and Europe, or maybe soon the announcer will speak “ Welcome to the Ryder Cup where the USA versus Europe and Great Britain for the 1st time since...”...

If you are travelling to play golf links courses in Ireland or Scotland this year? I hope you enjoy your time on the golf links.

John Dooley Concierge Golf


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