The Czech ladies working at Concierge Golf on work experience

Profile 1: Simona Krivankova

Hi, my name is Simona Krivankova and I come from the Czech Republic. Over the last three years I have being studying the hotel & tourism industry form our school in Turnov. I am currently working in Ireland for 4 weeks on a work experience program with my school and the EU (Erasmus+ program).

I have worked as waitress, barman, guide and assistant of manager. As part of my experience in Ireland I am working with Concierge Golf. I really enjoy working on our projects for tourists and I am enjoying Cork City, its culture and the surrounding historical towns. We are using our new tourism experiences as content for promotion on our social networks.

I love to travel, communicate with people, read books, work at some projects for charity, play the piano, jogging and I enjoy the feeling of everything I do. I have many certificates from gastronomy courses at my school. I am sommelier, barista, barman, confectioner and expert of chocolate and gin.

My dream is to operate my own hotel in Prague and I will achieve this goal. I will continue to study the hotel industry, travel around the world and meet new people. I am enjoying my experience in Ireland and I am sure that my memories in Ireland will help me achieve my dream.

Profile 2: Marie Rubasova

Hi my name is Marie Rubasova, I am from Czech Republic and I am studying tourism at our school in Turnov over the last three years. I am currently working in Ireland for 4 weeks on a work experience program with my school and the EU.

I have some work experience at travel agency with arranging bookings and taking payments. I was a tour guide at the castle and worked in the gift shop there too. I enjoy babysitting small children and I am a leader of a children’s group at home. I like to arrange some fun events for my group during a year, for example summer camps, day trips, weekend meetings etc.

I played theatre for four years and we had one very successful show.

I really love to travel, listen to music, what the theater, singing, jogging, general sports and spending time with my friends to enjoy every moment of my life.

My work experience at Concierge Golf is PR, social media and understanding how to arrange an awesome golf tour! We are currently working on a promotion about Cork City on a few social networks.

My goal is to travel all over the world; discover new culture, places and share experiences as I travel. I am sure that these experiences in Ireland help me with fulfil my dreams.

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