10 places to visit in Cork City by Concierge Golf's interns

May I introduce you to Sisi and Marie! These fantastic young ladies are studying hotel & catering at their college in the Czech Republic and they are enjoying a EU work experience program at Concierge Golf. As part of their introduction to golf tourism in Ireland with Concierge Golf, we picked out 10 places to explore around Cork City. So they have visited each of the following 10 places and they have commented on each place also.

Cork City from Shandon Tower

1. Cafe Gusto
It’s a nice Italian Cafe with friendly staff and you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or a nice coffee there. They offer some sandwiches, soft drinks and hot drinks and we recommend a quick breakfast.

University College Cork

2. UCC (University College Cork)
It is typical European university. There is very big campus with many historical and nice buildings to see. We enjoyed the places to have a rest, fun, eat or drink. We felt very welcome walking around watching everyday college life. We understand why many people would like to study there and we personally agree!

3. St. Patrick’s Street
This is the main shopping street in Cork City. There are many retail shops to visit along Patrick’s Street and we visited very exclusive shops to the economical fashion tastes. You can visit lots of cafes and restaurants on this street. But you should to visit the main artery of Cork city on your next stopover in Ireland.

Watching people from Farmgate Cafe in the English Market, Cork City

4. English market
The English market is situated in heart of the city. It is one of the oldest municipal markets of its kind in the world. There are many farmers, butchers, fish mongers & retailers selling their own products, such as all sorts of meat, sweets, fruit or vegetable and of course Farmgate Cafe. There you can have a snack, tea, coffee, a sandwich, deserts and watch people walking and shopping in the market.

5. Opera house
If you are lovers of arts and especially Irish national entertainment artists, this is the right place for you. It is great to spend a rainy evening and warm up by nice show from the Irish stars.

Crawford Art Gallery

6. Crawford Art Gallery
This is the place to enjoy silent and art. In two stairs building there are statues, sculptures and paintings mainly made by Irish artists.

7. Shandon Bells Tower
Enjoy the unique experience of ringing the world famous Shandon Bells from the first floor. View the internal workings of the clocks, the ‘Four Faced Liar’ and see the 18th Century bells. Enjoy the spectacular 360° views of Cork City and beyond from the balcony of the Shandon Bells Tower.

Climb Shandon tower and ring the bells!

8. Butter Museum
If you want to learn more about “golden fruit of the green grass”, invite museum of butter in Shandon. This product was most abundant during the early development of Ireland and you can see how butter produced during those old days.

9. Cafe Orso
This inconspicuously eatery is situated in the busy city centre. Feast your eyes on the freshly prepared fare displayed through the glass-fronted entrance – all food on their menu can be eaten in-house or packed to go. You feel there like you’re at home.

10. Cork’s Cathedrals

The Cathedrals in Cork are beautiful, enormous and kind to everybody who visits. There is the Holy Trinity Church, North Cathedral, St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, St. Anne’s Church in the Cork city. Most of churches we visited are Catholic Churches.

Written by Simona Křivánková & Marie Rubášová

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