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County Louth Golf Club

I was asked recently, what are my top 5 golf links course venues, that a group of 12 golfers with golf handicaps from 0 - 9 would enjoy playing a serious golf tournament?

They outlined the following criteria for my selection; 

  1. All the players were lower than 10 handicap. 
  2. They would preferred to play golf courses between 6,400 yards and 7,000 yards.  
  3. They consider themselves to be traditional golfers that like to play 3 known to be difficult golf links courses and 2 softer courses. 
  4. It would be preferred to play golf courses with driving ranges that they don't have to collect the golf balls after hitting. 
  5. All the golf links courses to be within an hour & a half drive of Dublin City centre.  
  6. Good food options locally and at the hotel
  7. The group were really only interested in playing golf and enjoy the night life of Dublin was not at the top of their list of things to do whilst in Ireland!
  8. No body will be driving and they would prefer to hire a comfortable bus with a driver.  

Form that information, 

These are the Irish Golf Links course that I suggested to play in the following order: 

Day 1: County Louth Golf Club
Day 2: The Island Golf Club 
Day 3: The European Club 
Day 4: Royal Dublin Golf club
Day 5: Portmarnock Golf Club 

My Hotel selection; is The Grand Hotel, Malahide 

Dining option: 
Night 1: Gibneys Pub 
Night 2: Pichet 
Night 3: At the Hotel (part of their 
Night 4: Doheny & Nesbits Pub
Night 5: Bon Appetit Malahide 

  • 16 seated, leather captain's chairs with tables. 

  • Stroke play format 
  • Play the each golf courses local rules and they requested the standard golf rules from each golf course as part of their tournament information. 
  • They require a golf rules contact person at each club in lieu of any golf rules questions or situations that may arise. 

The package price ranges from €1160.00 to €1,375.00 per person sharing 

Email: info@conciergegolf.ie
Web: www.conciergegolf.ie
Office Tel: +353 21 2409110

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