10 tips to planning an Irish Golf Tour.

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Planning an Irish Golf Tour for 2015 
Here are 10 easy points to check off your list as you are booking your Irish Golf Tour for 2015. 

1. Select the golf courses you would like to play.

2. Plan how long it takes to travel from courses to course and back to the hotel or guest house. (routing) Avoid long travel times if you can.. 

3. Select the standard of accommodation based on your routing
           b. How many beds, twin rooms, singles or doubles 
           c. room only or will breakfast be served when you are heading to the golf courses?

The Merchant Hotel Belfast 

4. Arrange and select non-golfing activities if you have non-golfers on the trip. 

5. If needed, do create the touring options for the non-golfers and there are really great restaurants to dine all around Ireland... 

6. Pick out the fun spots to stop along the way and you may need some local knowledge to figure that out - for example, the best pub grub in the smallest town!  Best fish and chips, best pint of stout or where to find the best Irish music to entertain the group. 

7. The last job really is to pick what type of transportation you want, car hire, bus hire, or aircraft.. 

Good transportation is essential 

8. Put all this information together on an itinerary for the group to agree the plan, then collect the deposits amounts from the group. 

9. Next pay the deposits on the golf courses selected, hotels and transportation will require deposits also. Beware of the final payment dates and don't miss the dead line or you could lose your deposits. Most of your final payments will be required a month in advance or the the week before you travel. 

10. To save money, you should check three to four different hotel prices and shop around on that price. Early bird or late tee time rates on golf courses will save you money. A large bus will save you money and you can avoid the hassle of renting a car or van.. But this makes more sense to book a bus for 8 people or more. 

If the work load becomes too much and all you can find all the help you need by just contact us at Concierge Golf and we can arrange the lot... 

Email: info@conciergegolf.ie 
Web: www.conciergegolf.ie
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