An Irish Golf Tour around the North West of Ireland to play traditional Irish golf courses and enjoy great Irish hospitality....
Rosapenna Golf Club on a frosty morning..
This Irish Golf Tour is an itinerary for 8 - 12 guys/girls or couples that would like to visit the West, North and East of Ireland on a traditional Irish Golf tour.  Before embarking on this Irish golf tour, I must point out that luxury transportation is a must and I will only recommend that the vehicle should also has a bathroom on board! But don't let the travel transfers put you off and you must go on the West of Ireland, North of Ireland and East of Ireland Golf adventure...

Day 1...
Arrive into Dublin airport, transfer in a luxury chauffeured vehicle to Co. Sligo Golf Club for an afternoon tee time.
Night over, B&B at a Hotel in Sligo and since a lot of the gents will be tried from travelling, I'd suggest to eat dinner where it is convenient. Or chance McGarrigles for some pub grub and a few pints!

Day 2... 
Travel from Co. Sligo to play Carne Golf Club
Over night, B&B at a Hotel in Sligo.
I would suggest that you take a wander around the town and see what happens...

Day 3...
Play Enniscrone Golf Club
Overnight, B&B at Hotel in Sligo
Enjoy dinner at Shells Cafe, Strandhill or The Strand Bar inStrandhill

Day 4... 
Travel to Donegal Golf Club and after golf travel further north to the Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa...
Overnight, B&B and dine at the Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa

Day 5...
Play Ballyliffin Glashedy Course
Overnight, B&B and dine at the Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa

Day 6...
Play Rosapenna, Old Tom's course
Overnight, B&B and dine at the Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa

Royal County Down

Day 7...
Travel from the Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa across the ferry to play Royal Portrush.
Night over, B&B at the Bushmils Lodge and dine there too.

Day 8...
Play either Portstewart Golf Club or Castlerock Golf Club
Overnight at the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast and enjoy at a group dinner Michael Deans restaurant which is located right around the corner from the Fitzwilliam.

Day 9....
Transfer from Belfast to County Louth Golf Club (Baltray)
Spend the final night at the Grand Hotel in Malahide which is only a 20 minute transfer to Dublin Airport the next day.
There are a lot of fun places to visit in Malahide, Gibneys pub, Bon-Appetit for dinner & etc... You might prefer to walk around the town, visit the various pubs and enjoy a couple of pints before you fly home the next day.

Day 10...

County Louth Golf Club

Transfer to Dublin airport and fly home 

A guide price for this type of Irish Golf Tour can vary from €1,500 up to €3,500 per person - the biggest variable in this price is the transportation. You can rent cars, which is fine, but don't, the roads are nuts in that part of the world. You can go for cheap chauffeured vehicles, but, beware, you typically get what standards you pay for.

There is a lot of time spent in the bus travelling, so be prepared! I like this trip for a number of reasons, there are a lot of great views along the coastal roads. The adventure on this Irish Golf Tour, can be meeting new people, the various different types of caddies and your interactions with them, travelling and fun in the pubs. You may well get to see a lot of the smaller villages and towns along the routes, you might ask yourself! How is this possible???  My answer is simple; the bus will be maintained to your bar standards and there maybe occasions where it is necessary to make a number of team pit stops along the routes...

If you decided to change this theme from a guy's trip to a couple's trip. I can point you in the direction in the various types of small craft shops to visit, nice spas, National Parks to visit, genealogy centres, cooking classes & etc. I would suggest to you to spend more time in the County of Donegal and play one or two more golf courses there. All in all, Ireland is a fantastic experience waiting for you to discover and my job is to make that happen. By making your travels to Ireland, easy and fun to do.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or perhaps you like chat about the idea of coming to Ireland to play golf and tour around.

John Dooley PGA

Golf Travel Expert | Irish Golf Tours | Concierge Golf


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