When is it a good time of the year to go to Ireland for an Irish golf tour?

8th Hole at Lahinch Golf Club

When is it a good time of the year to go to Ireland for an Irish golf tour?  

I have been asked this question a lot and I mean a lot!" when is it, the best time of the golfing year to go to Ireland and play golf"?

Now typically that person is really asking me the question"what month should I go to Ireland to play golf and avoid the rain and the wind!".
Well to be fair!!! The rain and the winds are part and parcel of the true Irish Golf Links experience. Simply as John Ruskin said, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather".

But, before I start talking about the best months of the year to come to Ireland for an Irish Golf Tour. I must tell you what are my top 10 things not to forget to pack before boarding the plane to Shannon Airport.

My top 10 things not to forget to pack - be prepared! 

1. What to pack??? The day before you set off on your Irish golf tour, may I suggest that you check the future weather forecast at each of the golf courses you will be playing. I would suggest taking the average temperature from your forecast information collected and pack your bag to match the average temperatures & climate conditions.
2. Do not travel without your rain wear! Regardless what forecast you believe to be true...
3. Do not forget to pack your rain gloves and a warm hat!
4. If you take medications, pain killers & etc, please bring an extra supply. You may not find the same medications in Ireland as you would at home.
5. If you can only play golf in a golf cart, please do not forget to bring a doctor's note, as some golf courses operate a medical cert only for golf carts policy.


6. Take a photocopy of your driver's license and passport with you.
7.  Pack extra socks, a pair of shorts, khaki & black pants. They match with almost any odd clean shirt you may have in your bag, This will be a life saver towards the end of your trip!
8. Extra balls, you can buy golf balls cheaper at home!
9. Do not pack too much as you will need extra room for all the stuff that you pick up along the way.

10. If you are looking forward to your first Irish Golf Tour; be prepared for the strange effects you may feel after drinking a few extra pints of Irish Stout...


This is my opinion that; the best weather to play golf in Ireland is from the start of May to the middle of October. But, may I point out that during the month of April; you can be lucky with the weather and you may avoid the colder & wetter playing conditions during that month. That said, April could be the greatest month of the year, as it was in 2011. Dooley noted, during the month of April, golf courses are still working on getting their course into a better playing condition and you should anticipate the general golf course’s greens to be slower as you would expect in June or July. However, April is a quiet and peaceful month to be in Ireland playing golf. Maybe, you could be lucky with a good week’s weather at the end of October, but who knows! It's weather!

But, I am saying that June is the best month of the year to play golf in Ireland. 

Really there is no secret to picking the right month of the year to come to Ireland and play golf! However, last year, the hottest month of the year was July with the average temperature recorded above 61.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus the months of August and September were the driest weather period during the golfing season. But this is not always the case, rain, rain and more rain! Ireland experienced one of the most beautiful summers in decades last year (2013) and I hope we have a lot more of great sunny summers to come in the next ten years!

For more information about the best pubs where you can enjoy one or two extra pints of stout during an Irish Golf Tour, please, I invite you to contact me at via the Concierge Golf Website or the contact information below.

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