Concierge Golf and two days of sightseeing in Co. Clare, Ireland

The Burren & The Cliffs of Moher Geopark.
I did not know this, but a Geopark is described as an area with geological heritage of international importance. Geoparks are special regions with outstanding geology and local culture – regions that support sustainable development, research, education and cultural heritage by working closely with local communities and agencies.

In 1651 a Cromwellian Army Officer named Ludlow remarked, "of this barony it is said that it is a country where there is not water enough to drown a man, wood enough to hang one, nor earth enough to bury them. This last is so scarce that the inhabitants steal it from one another and yet their cattle are very fat. The grass grows in tufts of earth of two or three foot square which lies between the limestone rocks and is very sweet and nourishing."You can spend a lot of time sightseeing, hill walking, bird watching & enjoying the flora and fauna. But not to forget to mention; I would recommend stopping at the Burren perfumery to pick up some wonderful gifts and presents to bring home to your loved ones. The perfumery has been in business for over 40 years and all their products are made from the unique flora from the Burren. Which make the perfumery a very special place for such an indigenous business to flourish. 

Killkee Clifs & the loop head drive

Whether you’re an ardent adventurer or a laid-back observer, a family or a singleton, a history buff, a nature addict, a geology fan, fisherman, a spa devotee or a birdwatcher, Loop Head has something to offer you. Loop Head. As visitors and locals alike will tell you, though, it’s best not to plan too much in advance on this peninsula. But the loop head experience is not as rugged at the Geopark at the Burren and this is a softer. The drive is typically on tight roads, the towns are easy to navigate though, you can see more green fields and you can get quite close to the cliff around Loop head too. 

You must make a pit stop at Keating’s pub in kilbaha and enjoy their wonderful seafood chowder. There is so much to do in County Clare and I have only touched on a couple of place to see the wonderful sights in Co. Clare. Just to mention a couple of more types of trips you could consider. There are historical castle tours, cycling tours, of course loads of great golf, fishing, Spa retreats, archaeological and a whole lot more. For further information to arrange your customised itinerary, please feel free to contact John Dooley at any time.

Concierge Golf are golf travel experts with more to offer than your normal golf tour operator. We will be sure to arrange an itinerary for you that will see you enjoy a great experience to Ireland. 

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Burren rock formations called greiks

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