Concierge Golf in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland. The food capital of Ireland

12th Hole at Old Head Golf Links

Did you know that there are over 58 pubs and restaurants in the town of Kinsale! Kinsale is known as the food capital of Ireland. As you can imagine; should you wish to become a true connoisseur of such facts, one would need time to visit each establishment and compile a detailed report on their night’s entertainment. Now that is a tall order! Thankfully Concierge Golf is on hand to help you with such decisions!

Concierge golf would like to make such matters of section easier and to the point. We only select the best pubs and restaurants to suit your tastes buds.If you would like to visit Kinsale during a Concierge Golf trip, we would recommend the following finer dining restaurants. 
  • The White lady (pub grub)
  • Fishy Fishy
  • The Bulman
  • Man Fridays
Each pub has its own character and characters! However we suggest the following for the simple reason: It’s easy to get a drink at the bar and you might find a bar stool with your name written on it!

  • The Spaniard
  • The Mad Monk
  • Oscar Madsons
  • The Silent Banjo
 If you have played 18 holes at Old Head and require a “hunger buster” of a dinner. We would suggest visit The White Lady in Kinsale for a big feed or stop at the Speckled Door. The Speck aka "The speckled door" is not more than 2 miles from the entrance gates of the Old Head Golf Links and there you might as well enjoy a couple of pints with the Old Head caddies after golf!
If you would like more information about the town of Kinsale and an Irish golf tour, please contact John Dooley from Concierge Golf at the following information:

Email: info@conciergegolf.ieWeb: www.conciergegolf.ieOffice Tel: +353212409110

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