Concierge Golf’s 40 dos and don’ts on a golf trip to Ireland

Planning the trip
Do allow more time to go on a little tour of the land marks that will be in the towns and surrounding areas.  
Save yourself a lot of grief and hassle; arrange a group captain and give that person the job of communicating the plan to the group.
For first timers, do buy a book on Ireland’s history before you travel.
Do insist to bring your wife or partner; there are plenty of things to do in Ireland if your wife or parent is not a golfer. 
Do investigate the Irish tourist traps. Example: the Blarney Stone.
Don’t ask people to come that you don’t know that well; that can be interesting after day four!
Unpack your golf bag and repack your golf bag with the bare essentials. You don’t need to bring along the kitchen sink! It’s a heavy bag if you had to carry it. 
Don’t forget a sat nav!
Don’t forget to change your voice mail on your phone, your vacation reminder, make a visit to your local cell phone store and ensure you have the correct international phone data package before your step on the plane.
Don’t forget to let your boss know that you are working on some new customers.

Pack your travel bag
Do pack your camera; this is essential to retain lasting memories.
Do pack a prayer book; as only god knows when it will stop raining!!
Do pack for all seasons and pack light.
Do pack black and kaki pants colours.
Do pack your dental floss!
Don’t forget to buy an Irish cell phone on arrival – it can make life cheaper if you get lost!
Don’t forget an extra pack of tape and band aids
Don’t forget your medications.
Don’t forget your rain wear and sun block!
Don’t forget extra golf balls & it’s cheaper to buy at home…
Buy a swisarmy knife and pack it in your golf bag – there are a million things you can use it for.

The Irish Culture

Do say hello to people and enjoy the craig!
Do try to speak Irish to other Irish people; you should get a fun response.
Do ask shop vendors for their best price; you might find an unexpected deal! 
If you can; DO attend a GAA Hurling or Gaelic Football match.
Do wait two minutes or more to drink a pint of Guinness after it been served.
Do save yourself the embarrassment of mimicking the Irish accent. 
Don’t be offended by the Irish people making gentle making fun comments about not so funny situations… This can is quite normal practice amongst Irish people and this is called “slagging”.   
Don’t ever feel left out of your own group; go to the local pub and after a while, you will meet another group of buddies by the end of the night!
Don’t drive on the right hand side of the road; we drive on the left!
Don’t bother asking anyone “have you even seen a leprechaun recently?”Trust me we all know and you should know that they never existed!
I heard this recently and I am confused what this means “Don’t be a spanner but enjoy the tools in a tool box”
Playing golf
Do buy rain gloves and a pack of playing cards.
Do have fun and just play the yardage!  And do play 5 yards less that to the flag (as the ball tends to bounce on an extra few yards)
Do obtain golf instruction if your swing is not good after day 1!
Do practice your chipping and putting before you travel.
I do believe in miracles – anyone can make a hole in one!
Please do observe the course rules at each golf course. The rules are very different at every golf course and take a moment at each course to find out what to do and not to do.

Don’t believe everything you hear from Caddies; if fact, the truth can be a very rare commodity.
You don’t want to spin the ball in the wind. To control your spin, use golf balls that suit you. If you don’t know what ball suits you, get fitted for your correct ball to play.
Don’t be short! On the green; a putt that is uphill and into the wind – that putt will be slow, very slow.
 Don’t believe the starter at any golf course; they will tell you what you want to hear to get off the first tee as soon as possible.
Don’t forget to buy your round at the 19th!!!
Don’t forget to ENJOY your trip to Ireland with Concierge Golf!

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