The Death of a Golf Club is Slow Play - promote a faster round of golf at your golf club!!!!!!!!!!!

The death of a golf club - SLOW PLAY

As a golfer you should take responsibility for your actions and I really like what the USGA is doing with a Pace of play campaign to stamp out slow play. The following six points is the pledge the USGA is asking fellow golfers to sign up to:
  1. Identify ways that I can pick up the pace
  2. Give Tee It Forward a try
  3. Practice “ready golf” during stroke play
  4. Serve as an example for those around me
  5. Embrace opportunities to play nine holes
  6. Play more quickly, play better and have more fun!

It make sense and why not give it a try. You could make a strong suggestion to your club pro and club manager to introduce a similar promotion within your club!  

Here is a example you could use and attach the note to every score card: 

Dear Golfer,

At Far Away Lands Golf Club; we would like to make your golf experience an enjoyable one. So we are asking you to help golfers within your group to play a faster round of golf and.... 
  1. Identify ways that you can play faster golf
  2. If the golf course you are playing is too tough, please move up to a more comfortable tee box  
  3. Play golf when you are ready to play & keep play moving
  4. Serve as an example to golfers in your group
  5. Develop a good pre-shot routine where you can play faster golf  
  6. Play well and enjoy a faster round of golf

This is great by the USGA and I wish the USGA every success. I have signed the pledge, here is the link USGA sign up to the pledge and why not. A faster round of golf is in every golfers interest. 

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